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Angela is a certified makeup artist. She have completed her education with Face It International Makeup, and has a Motives foundation blending and mineral powder blending certificate. Angela carries an all natural, hypo-allergenic makeup line (gluten free), as well as a Temptu airbrush foundation. She has been doing freelance makeup since 2008.


Angela also has experience with hair styling. She has taken several private classes and tutorials aimed at bridal styling. She has also worked with extensions, installing (morning of) and styling.


Angela also co-owns Edmonton Makeup Artists with two lovely ladies. They have hosted small group makeup classes and tutorials. Angela is also available for one on one or small group lessons.


Angela's portfolio inludes hair and makeup for bridal, boudoir, runway, fitness, graduation, fantasy/halloween, and stylized shoots.


Angela is a full time, special education teacher. She is available most evenings, weekends and summer holidays :)




How it all started...


Before I start, let me list a few words to describe my upbringing... religious, old-fashioned, strict. Meh, good enough, I don't want to go into much detail there. There was a definite "no makeup until you're done school" rule to say the least! Like most kids, my best friend lived down the street. We were a year apart, and spent every waking day and night of our weekends and summers putting on plays, playing dress-up, dressing up Barbies, and all the other things little girls do. It was quickly discovered that my friend's mom was a Mary Kay consultant (you can probably see where this is headed). So of course, being that makeup was taboo in my house, I was sooooo fascinated by it. Pretty soon all of our activities consisted of us dressing up and wearing makeup. I remember us putting on old granny wigs and clothes, attempting to do "old people" makeup, and going to the park to convince the other kids we were grannies!! Other times we would argue over the "play n pretty" eye shadow palette of bright 80's colored blues and pinks. Sadly, at the end of the day, I had to wash everything off before going home. But I always looked forward to the next day filled with imagination and fun!

I look forward to hearing from you! 




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